BAVERTIS makes your energy storage efficient, durable, fast and independent.
We make energy management smart!

3 in 1


Usually, a battery pack provides a fixed DC voltage. For most use-cases, that voltage needs to be converted either into AC or lower DC voltages. Our technology enables to generate an arbitragy AC or DC voltage directly from the battery. This works by smartly reconfigure the battery cells multiple thousand times a second. Compared to conventional converters, our system shows clearly superior AC voltage and current signals (THD) without additional filtering effort. The modular design allows to drive various motors and other AC or DC devices.


The multi-level design allows us to use the degrees of freedom gained to synchronize our energy storage system with any AC or DC grid – plug and play, charge and discharge, worldwide with one device.


A Battery Management System (BMS) constantly monitors the battery and protects it from unwanted conditions. A major challenge within larger battery packs is to balance the various cell-capacities, but there are always some drawbacks regarding heat-dissipation or charging-time. BAVERTIS overcomes those limitations with the ability to control the load on each cell individually. Through cell-specific load profiles, we can increase the efficiency and lifetime of energy storage systems, and in the same process eliminate the need for an external BMS.

How it works

BAVERTIS uses conventional battery cells, which are integrated into modules with power electronic switches. The switches allow the modules to be connected in series or parallel as required, or even bypassed if necessary. Compared to conventional battery packs, in which the cells are connected in an unchanging configuration, this creates redundancy and additional degrees of freedom, which, in combination with an intelligent operating strategy, make any AC or DC battery output or input possible. External power electronics are no longer necessary, and the cells can be used appropriately for their state of charge and aging, which optimizes efficiency and service life.

About us

Dr. Manuel Kuder

Niclas Lehnert

Lukas Obkircher

Michael Hohenegger


We are a B2B start-up based in Munich (Bavaria, Germany). The four of us, three Engineers and one business economist, started BAVERTIS in early 2021.
Supplying humanity with energy on a global scale, sustainably and efficiently, is one of the central tasks of our time. We are driven by the idea that our modular, intelligent energy storage systems can make a contribution to this task. The recyclability of battery cells, which has hardly been solved to date, makes it all the more imperative that the service life of battery storage systems be maximized. Based on our strong experience within the fields of power electronics, we had the idea to make battery systems smarter, more modular and increase their lifetime. The outcome of that idea is the EXIST founded Start-Up BAVERTIS.


We are rethinking battery-powered energy storage. Our goal is to make planes fly, vehicles drive, and energy available. Multi-Level - multi purpose.


BAVERTIS generates arbitrary constant and dynamic voltage levels by intelligently interconnecting small voltage levels – a so-called multi-level approach. The concept has so far only been used in high-voltage applications. Due to the recent demand on high-power low-voltage switches for the consumer electronics market, semiconductor switches became more powerful and affordable, making multi-level-inverters possible even for low-voltage applications. Combining multi-level inverters with state-of-the-art battery technology and artificial intelligence is was makes or product superior to conventional energy storage solutions.




Join our team and help us revolutionize the market of future mobility with us!